About Me

Hello everybody,

So I recently started this blog to connect with my patients and affiliates and friends of my dental practice in Upland, PA. So in my previous blog posts you can see that I have given you a nice tour of my office. Now today is the opportunity to learn a little bit about me.

I live in the local area and have been living for a long, long time. I graduated in 2005 from the New York University College of Dentistry. Even before that I was educated in India, where I am originally from. After dental school, I had worked in Philadelphia as a dentist and now I work here in Upland with my very own practice. We have been serving the communities of Chester, Upland, Brookhaven, and Aston for a couple years now.

This is a part of our newest social media campaign to connect with our patients on a regular basis and as well as connect with other professionals in this industry. We are hoping to keep our Twitter, Facebook, and blog occupied at all times so our patients are constantly hearing from us about the importance of oral health and form a deeper connection to our practice.

I am personally very passionate about oral health and dental care as that is what I have dedicated my entire life to at this point. I personally find that a beautiful smile can make a world’s difference in your confidence and the way you present yourself. It is essential this day and age to go in to the dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy and your smile is beautiful. There is no feeling in the world like putting a beautiful smile on a patient’s face.

I have always loved working with kids and families in my office. I myself have two sons that are teenagers now and at this point understand kids at all ages. In my office, my staff and I bring something unique and special and that is a friendly and personal connection all of our patients. We remember our patients names and stories and consider them our friends. We greet them with a smile from our front desk and are with them every step of the way. We are very close with our patients after all they are members of the same community we are.

The sense of community is an important trait that I personally hold very dearly as does our staff at Dream Smile. We are members of the local community and we are very dedicated to helping and being members of the local community. We even visit our local schools and churches to spread the importance of oral health in our communities.

All in all this office and my profession is an integral part of my life and I just wanted to introduce you to myself as I begin this blog to connect with you, the Dream Smile community. Until next time…

-Dr. Sue


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